Thinkshop Advisors LLC (“Thinkshop Advisors”) specializes in fulfilling the equity management needs of high net worth investors seeking long term outperformance in their equity allocations. Additionally, we work with financial professionals such as Registered Investment Advisors, Certified Financial Planners, Attorneys, CPA’s, Wealth Management Firms and Family Offices to help their clients realize their investment goals.


  • Separately Managed Accounts
  • Other Investment Products
  • Hedge Fund

Thinkshop Advisors offers two types of Separately Manged Accounts:

Managed Retirement Accounts – MRA – (IRA, SEP, 401K, Profit Sharing Plans)
Thinkshop Advisors’ Managed Retirement Accounts are available to all types of investors, including non- accredited investors who are looking to attain exposure to an actively managed portfolio that follows the investment strategy of the Investment Manager with slight modifications geared towards compliance with the investment restrictions of a retirement account.

Managed Standard Accounts – MSA – (non-retirement)
Thinkshop Advisors’ separately Managed Standard Accounts will establish portfolios of equities in which the primary investment objective will be the long term growth of capital.  The accounts will normally be heavily concentrated in equities, and thereby assume the risks and opportunities commensurate with our investment strategy.  These accounts generally require an initial investment of at least $500,000.

In addition, MSAs can be designed to tailor the investment strategy of the Investment Manager to meet a specific client need such as income or capital preservation.  Contact client services for more specific information.