Investment Process

Thinkshop Advisors LLC (the “Investment Manager”), continually studies the media on a daily basis for investment opportunities. Extensive reading and research are critical aspects of the investment process. Company press releases and presentations, government filings, television reports, internet searches, conferences, magazines and newspapers may all generate research ideas.

For core and long term investment ideas the Investment Manager will execute a comprehensive study of company and industry fundamentals, which includes an analysis of key products and revenue sources, competitive position, quality of management and valuation. Revenue growth and unique product opportunities that cannot be easily replicated are most desirable. A careful review of company operating and profit history is performed, which can be very revealing in terms of management skill and management’s ability to adapt to changing circumstances.

A “Baseball Card” is developed for each core and long term investment idea included in the portfolio. The Baseball Card is a statistical compilation of the important financial metrics used in making the investment decision. The Baseball Card is regularly monitored and updated to continually review company performance.

Short term trading ideas are based on current and timely news events. They can be company specific, industry specific or based on breaking economic or political news. The Portfolio Manager’s thirty years of trading experience has trained him to be alert to potential short term trading and hedging opportunities, utilizing the same research and valuation skills used for core and long term investments.